The Shri Ram Charit Bhavan has been established for the sole purpose of learning about Prabhu Shri Rama and spreading His message to the mankind. It is a virtual organization with a vision of becoming the home for seekers of Prabhu Shri Rama.

   It is widely believed that Sage Valmiki was the first to let the mankind know about Shri Rama by narrating His Leela in his famous epic Ramayana written in Sanskrit. His work was followed by numerous scholars worldwide. Several versions of Ramayana were written in many different languages. The work done by Goswami Tulsidas was the first attempt to reach out to the masses when he narrated Ramayana in layman's language in the form of Shri Rama Charit Manas.

   The Shri Ram Charit Bhavan was inspired by Late Shri Kalyan Prasad Agrawal who was a devout bhakta of Prabhu Shri Rama and loved reading Rama Charit Manas wherever and whenever he found an opportunity.

    The web site of Bhavan will post information on Rama and Ramayana available from public sources. If you have something (song, bhajan, article, book, etc.) to post, please write to You are also invited to send your suggestions and comments on the activities of the Bhavan.







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